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Download from User-Defined Web Pages:

If you own HSQuote Plus version, you can use the MyWebServer feature, together with a format (.fmt) file, to download your specific data. Below are some examples. You may write the format files yourself, but you should find it more convenient to buy pre-written format files from the author at $10 per file. If you like to have the author to write a new format file for your specific web page, it will cost $35.

MSN Money: use same ticker list to download historical daily data from Yahoo and MSN (one year of data only)

Alpha Vantage historical daily Forex data

Alpha Vantage Intraday Forex data

Alpha Vantage: use same ticker list to download historical daily data from Yahoo and Alpha Vantage

Alpha Vantage: historical intraday data

BigCharts historical daily data

BigCharts: use same ticker list to download from Yahoo and BigCharts

Coinmarketcap: historical daily cryptocurrency data

Finam: historical intraday forex data

NSEIndia: historical daily data

Godmode-trader: historical daily and last-trade data

InversorGobal: historical daily data

BullMarketBrokers: historical daily data

Navarroviola: historical daily data

Rava: historical daily data

Ravaonline: historical daily data

TASE: historical daily data

SETTRADE and SET: last-trade and historical data

Sharenet: historical daily data

Acommodity: historical futures continuous daily data

Acommodity: historical intraday futures data

INO: historical futures daily data

INO: last-trade and historical futures data by Commodity

INO: historical futures daily data for all contracts

INO: last-trade futures data

INO: last-trade and historical Forex and World index data

HKEX: Hang Seng Index futures

London Stock Exchange: FTSE index and industry sector symbols

Way2Wealth: Share holding patterns for Indian companies

Way2Wealth: Fundamental reports for Indian companies

Optionistics: Option data and option greeks



IF you want 50+ free ticker lists of various international stock exchanges, just send a blank email to:


Some useful websites to find and assemble stock symbols are:

Recommended Compiled List of All Yahoo Finance Stock Tickers:

FTSE Indices and Industry Sectors:

Yahoo Finance Screeners:









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